What We Do


Sanoia’s unique style, tribal by nature, African by design, weaves together organic and rustic tribal elements with the use of animal skins, skulls, natural fabrics, bamboo furniture and rich textures.  All adorned with one-off custom art pieces, greenery and floral features tied together with the ancient art of decorative knotting. 

Bedouin Tents

Our elegant Bedouin style Stretch Tents are based on the age old tent design of the Nomadic desert tribes of the Sahara and Arabian Peninsula and offer a beautiful timeless oasis.


Wedding Hire

We have a limited range of gorgeous antique and custom furniture pieces, perfect for that extra wow factor that no one else has. These beauties are ideal for that perfect wedding detail, themed events and or custom celebrations.


Stage Design

Sanoia’s uniquely designed Stage and DJ Realm installations create an organic stage that fuses bamboo, waterproof Bedouin stretch tents, lycra, greenery and decorative knotted features to create a beautiful stage and focal point of any dance floor.

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Interior Design

Styled  throughout with Sanoia’s rustically luxurious charm, intricately woven together by artist/owner Richard McDiarmid who has the unparalled ability to bring tribal elements, textures, furniture, animal skins and skulls together creating your very own private oasis.


Richard crafts his creations from animal skins, skulls and bones, bamboo and feathers. Tied togetther with intricate rope work, his beautiful art pieces are centre pieces that turn heads and radiate the true Sanoia spirit.