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The magic of Sanoia's style flow's across all of Richards' work, from styling Bedouin tents and designing interiors, to his custom art, festival stages and unique studio. Sanoia has a selection of unusual, one off furniture pieces for hire, ideal for Weddings, events and photoshoots. 

Your own tribal oasis

Sanoia is the vision of African-born artist and designer Richard McDiarmid who is a visionary artist, designer, stylist and magic maker. He has the unparalleled ability to combine ethnic styles to create an alluring tribal Oasis.


The soul of Sanoia is tribally styled, luxuriously created spaces.  Portals to another dimension where magic happens; where past melts into present and ancient truths are reborn.


Sanoia weaves together rustic ethnic elements, including animal skins and skulls and natural fabrics and textures, adorned with one-off custom art pieces; all tied together with the ancient art of decorative knotting set under our beautiful Bedouin style tents.